Thursday, 23 February 2017


great kitchen brings harmony to the chaos of daily life, from accents that add warmth and enchantment, to space saving solutions that meld organization & style.

But how do you achieve all the things you want into your new space. Within your budget, with the style you like, with the appliances you want, ripping that wall out to give an open floor plan, incorporating that beautiful tile and quartz you love?

The solution... work with a professional KITCHEN DESIGNER to ease the process, save you money in the long run, while taking advantage of their wide skill set. 
Kitchen Designers: Jennifer Maratos & Jason Rounsavall
mes River Kitchens  |        

Kitchen Designers not only have all the incite into todays trends, but access to the best products for your space and budget, trusting relationships with local vendors, endless amounts of accessories to add and of course the vision to see your finished space before it even starts. Think about it, that's all they design! 
Not to mention the professional software used to create the space, add in cabinetry, hardware, countertops and produce a 3D rendering of your finished kitchen, giving you a visual before signing on the dotted line.

(Assuming you just have piles of home magazines and Pinterest pages with inspirational images giving you a headache and keeping you up at night!)  

👆 3D Rendering  |  20/20 Software 
👇 Kitchen Showroom  
Photo Credit: Y.A.M. Magazine



Why wouldn't you have your Kitchen Designer organize the measuring, ordering, templating, shipping, installing, plumbing, lighting and staging. Do you know where to start when you think of this process?

A Kitchen Designer has every local connection you need to get your new or renovated space done correctly the first time. Trust the professionals in the trades who are skilled in completing projects safely, on time, on budget and on spec.


There are many things that can go wrong in any renovation, including the kitchen. Every inch is accounted for, and if anything is out or a piece is missing, you're

looking at spending more money to fix it, weeks of turn around time and even longer without a working kitchen!

There is no such thing as a "shortcut" in a well designed kitchen. Do it RIGHT, the FIRST time. Again, trust in the people who know this business best.


As we all know, the kitchen is the heart of the home and the room that is usually lived in the most and will of course be the focal point if looking to sell your home.

Any realtor will tell you the kitchen (and bathrooms) will sell your home for you. Opt for stainless steel appliances for quality and a timeless feature for future buyers. Choose materials and colors that will stand the test of time, but of course having some fun and adding flare along the way.

We see kitchens as an investment, not a cost.

Superior Cabinets  |  Supplied by James River Kitchens


In our daily life, we open and close and slam our doors and drawers, we kick them shut, we spill on them, we screw the hinges tighter so many times it’s hard to even count. But do we really notice all the fine details that have been planned so meticulously? 

That’s because you’re not supposed to notice!

Kitchen Designers know the importance of every inch being utilized to maximize functionality and incorporate all the necessary pieces for a beautiful, durable, and strong kitchen, built to last… spills and all! 


The kitchen is where we get messy after all. 😜

With over 30 years of experience, our team all have a hand in your design, adding their own unique talents, skills and ideas to the kitchen, bathroom or renovation of your dreams! 

Here are the DESIGN PACKAGES we offer at James River Kitchens.


Thursday, 16 February 2017


Healthy Living  |  Healthy Eating  |  at Home  |  with Family

New Kitchen, New You...

We all want to start the new year off right, by eating healthier and saving more money. Healthy eating starts with wanting to cook from home & being excited to be in your space. If you’re unhappy with your current kitchen, why would you spend any extra time in there than is totally necessary?!

Houzz did a study on Kitchen Trends for 2017 quoting;
Renovating your kitchen is good for your health. A third of homeowners reported that their kitchen redo’s led to an overall healthier lifestyle, as it inspired respondents to prepare more meals at home and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.”

This doesn’t mean tearing out your entire space and using up all your savings.  You can do simple upgrades, like swapping your current laminate countertops and adding in quartz, try a healthy, fresh coat of paint, make money and loose weight!

is a nonporous surface, so it won’t trap harmful bacteria. Simply wash away all those toxins with soap and water (bleach is harmful on Quartz).

Healthy Paint: Choosing a paint that's low in volatile organic compounds or, even better, totally free of them, can improve indoor air quality and of course, your health! In fact, a new coat of paint can go a long way in a kitchen renovation and it won’t break the bank.

Increase your Property Value: In today’s market, houses are selling without any upgrades at all. So just think of your value if you did some upgrades to your own kitchen or bathroom and feel the stress just melt away from you. Less stress = a healthier life!

Physical Activity:
Besides the obvious lifting, drilling, hammering, painting and countless other physically challenging things about renovating… they all have the same thing in common… getting you up and moving! Sure you will want to hire professionals to do most of the work, but get your hands dirty and help get that blood flow going. You will be so proud of yourself later when cooking in the kitchen that YOU help build.
Don’t you want to be excited to invite friends over and have them all be happy to share a fresh, healthy, homemade meal with you… that YOU made!

Don’t you want to have more money in your wallet, because you aren’t going out for dinner every single night!

Don’t you want to live a long, happy life with fresh ingredients in your belly?!

Whatever those 2 or 100 horrible things are that you dislike in your current kitchen, think about changing them to spend more time at home, being healthy and happy.  😍😍😍

Healthy living begins with you and with your new kitchen!!

Come see us today and let's get your kitchen & health on track! James River Kitchens, Victoria BC.

"We Create Kitchens Where Memories are Made"

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Welcome to James River Kitchens new Blog!  We are super excited to share some of today’s biggest kitchen, bathroom and home renovation trends.

You’re obviously reading this because you want to renovate or build a new kitchen or bathroom and wondering what all the fuss about Quartz is, right!?

Well, let us be the first to tell you, Cambria 
® quartz is the BEST!  We know this, because we are Victoria’s Premier Supplier and can get you the best quartz, for the very best price… guaranteed. 
(PS, this is not a sponsored Blog!)

There are many things to consider when renovating your kitchen or bathroom and your countertop, should be top of mind.  This is the surface which gets used the most. Whether you’re chopping vegetables for dinner, setting all the bags of groceries down, mopping up a big spill, building a mountain of paper clutter, having a glass (or 2) of wine, helping the kids with homework, or just leaning back gazing at your new amazing space, your new countertop will get used… a lot!

                            Cambria ®
A few of the major differences between granite and Cambria
® quartz, is how EASY it is to clean, it’s healthier for you and has more strength and durability. 

                                   Cambria ®

Spilt some red wine?  Simply wash with a soft cotton cloth and warm water, and mild soap if desired.  No need for
sealing or reconditioning

How can a countertop be healthy you ask?  I
t is nonporous and non-absorbent, so it won’t draw in moisture from raw or leftover food, which can harbor harmful bacteria. Isn’t that reason enough to add Cambria ® into your home!?

Cambria ® is much harder than granite or marble making it more durable and less likely to scratch, chip, or stain for years of flawless service. It is pure, natural quartz, one of the hardest and most common minerals on Earth.

Okay, so those are some pretty basic facts about this wonderful product... come see for yourself, with over 130 designs to choose from in our showroom. Design is visual, so you have to see it for yourself to really grasp it's true beauty.

Happy Renovating!