Thursday, 2 March 2017


It all starts with a dream. You saw that kitchen on HGTV and wanted to have one just like it. But nah, you can’t afford that, where would you find anyone to help you achieve that? And where would you ever get all those amazing features they have? Well, let us tell you… it’s easier than you think!

What is it about that kitchen that makes you say WOW and I WANT THAT and HOW DO I GET THAT?  Those tiny, yet large, beautiful, unique, functional, well planned, game changing details.

From extra storage, hardware, soft close drawers and doors, dovetail drawers, the height of upper cabinets to overall style. These decisions can take weeks to sort out with the added pressure/inspiration from TV, magazines and social media that make you change your mind 100 times.

Some things to consider when designing a kitchen, is how you move around your space and what type of cooking or entertaining you do. What is missing that you need?  It could be lack of storage, more drawers, higher cabinetry, a new counter top or maybe an entire revamp of the layout. Trusting in a Kitchen Designer, to answer all these tough questions is vital for your reno.


Yes, they are beautiful, but accessories are what make your kitchen WORK for you, keep you organized and add a little flare to your space. Toe kick drawers, pull down shelves, closet door pantries, pull out spice racks, the list goes on and on...

Recycling centres are a key aspect of any new kitchen or reno and need more space, not to mention an area designed just for compost. There are also many options just for lazy susans these days, it deserves its own blog post! (hmm!) From corner drawers, to self closing doors, the lazy susan aint so lazy after all!


Before putting the designing to rest, go into a kitchen showroom and open all the drawers, doors and corners to see what hidden gems are hiding for you to discover.


Choosing hardware shouldn’t be something done at the beginning stages of a design. This is something that can be added to the final plans to complete the space. But there is more than just color that needs to be considered.
With so many options for hardware out there, it must come down to how you use your kitchen first, then sort out shape and style later. Do you need a larger handle for opening and closing? Maybe you have weak hands and need a bigger space to grab onto. Perhaps a small knob would be best for uppers and larger handles for the base and larger drawers. It’s okay to mix and match to suite the cabinet and of course your style and needs. Do they match your existing appliances and lighting?
Always trust in a professional installer to mount the hardware correctly, accurately and securely. If done incorrectly, this can cause damage to your cabinets and look very sloppy in your home. 


You know those commercials where it shows 2 people arguing and slamming the kitchen cabinets and drawers, but they never seem to make a sound! Well that is a standard in any kitchen design here at James River Kitchens. Soft close drawers and doors are just another small detail with a big impact.

Another key detail is having full extension drawers. This means when you open them, they come all the way out, not just ¾ of the way. Giving you access to all those items at the very back and utilizing the entire drawer.


What is your favorite style? That can be a hard question to answer, but coming up with a concept at the very beginning can save so much time later on and get you focused on completing the space quicker!

Traditional  |  Country  |  Transitional  |  
Rustic  Contemporary  |  Arts & Crafts  | Old World

Scan your home for other items that grab your design taste. Flip through your coffee table magazine, walk through Ikea, try going online to Houzz or Pinterest for added inspiration. Or maybe you watch a lot of HGTV and have multiple styles. But seeing and touching a competed kitchen can make all the difference.

Visiting a Kitchen Showroom is vital for any project, for a taste of what is currently trending, options for door styles and of course seeing an entire kitchen completed for the whole picture. You may be surprised to find you don’t like those white cabinets as much as you thought, after all.

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