Thursday, 16 March 2017


One thing that every kitchen has in common is a corner, or corners. Scary, hard to reach, items get lost, dark and dusty, flimsy shelves, creaky metal, hard on your back corners!

How can this be a good idea when designing a kitchen! With so many options for the Lazy Susan these days, here are our 4 favourites, for Lazy Susan solutions that we know your going to like…

1.  The Push Through:

From the outside this looks like a regular lazy susan, but this isn’t called the Push Through for nothing. With one quick push of your hand, the doors go inside the cabinet and rotate with the shelves, then close the doors automatically on its own. The metal pole and shelves make this a solid and sturdy solution for larger pots, pans and appliances.

Perhaps you have pets or little hands grabbing at everything and need a quick bag of flower or can of soup from your corner cabinet. This is not only modern in looks, but functionality as well.


2.  Corner Recycling Centre:

With the ongoing need to reduce, reuse and recycle, we have an option to ensure that pesky corner is being utilized to its full potential. Why not add your recycling or garbage centre here? This is a conventional, easy and tidy way to keep organized at home. If a pantry or closet is not an option, move your bins to the corner and create more space somewhere else for cans and appliances.

3.  CORNER Pull Out Drawers:

What could be more convenient, easy and accessible than corner drawers! When closed they simply blend in with the base cabinets. You can have one large pull out, or four, whatever suits your needs.

With a full extension drawer, you can utilize the entire drawer without the hassle or rummaging, plus it looks really unique when opened!
3.  Corner Pull Out Drawers,
Showroom Video

4.  Le Mans Square Corner Cabinet Pull-Out:

This final option not only has a fancy name, but a fancy appearance and fantastic functionality.

With it’s sturdy metal base and kidney bean shape, the Le Mans corner pull out does just that, it pulls right out into your kitchen! No more reaching inside the cabinet. Simply pull it out, grab your small appliance, pot or pan and push it right back in. It’s literally that simple. Ideal for a “blind corner” with one door on one side.

4.  Le Mans Square Corner Cabinet Pull-Out,
Showroom Video

The Lazy Susan is still a very important part of your kitchen design and needs a bit of thought when designer your new or renovated space. Take note of what you would like to be stored in there and visit a kitchen showroom to get the best guidance and knowledge first hand with that kitchen corner! Make sure to accessorize your kitchen cabinets and drawers in the planning stages and improve convenience in your day-to-day kitchen.

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