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KITCHEN Lighting 101

our kitchen is the space where you prepare, chop, slice, entertain, indulge and clean. You want to be able to set the stage for any condition and what is worse than not being able to see what your doing?!

Let us start off by saying if you think you have enough lighting… always add more.

With the basic facts we’ve set out below, going into a lighting store won’t be as daunting. Or better yet, work with a professional Kitchen Designer for all the help you need for a stress free reno!

All you need to know are a few lighting rules to get you through a successful design and brighten up your day!


Whether it be natural light pouring in through your windows, doors or skylights, ensure you are utilizing as much natural light in your kitchen and entire home as possible.

If you are planning a re-model, ensure the layout is surrounded by that main door or window in your kitchen and if at all possible, add in a skylight above your prep station. Another great way to add natural light, is tearing out a wall to add a sense of openness and in turn add more light from other rooms. Keep blinds, shades and curtains white or sheer to bring in light while keeping privacy.

We know this as under cabinet lighting or pendants hanging over and island. Although these can be very beautiful, there initial job is to light up your prep station so chopping and slicing becomes a less dangerous task.

Also, ensure there is enough lighting above your sink, for easier clean up when your guests have all gone home for the night., or maybe they'll love your kitchen so much, they'll offer to help!

Adding in dimmers to each type of lighting used, can create just the mood you are looking for.

You guessed it, ambient light can change the mood of your entire kitchen with a flick of a switch, or turn of a dimmer. Although ambient light can add enough light to see the entire room, it can create shadows over your task, if not planned correctly. Hence why under cabinet lighting is so important, assuming you want to keep all your fingers?

Adding in recessed pot lights is a great way to brighten up your kitchen while creating a sense of height. Another great way to add height is installing above cabinet lighting, if the cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling.

The kitchen has become the hub of the entertainment zone for many homeowners. Once dinner is ready and on the table, simply switch over to some less invasive ambient lights, to set the mood and create a more relaxed space to enjoy your evening. Think about how much more relaxed you are in a dim and calming environment. Ahh!    

TIP:  Once your kitchen layout has been determined, create a lighting plan or RCP (Recessed Ceiling Plan) with your Kitchen Designer BEFORE the cabinets are installed. Your electrician will need to work with these plans for the proper layout and lighting to be fulfilled.  

Yet another reason to always work with a professional…

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Thursday, 6 April 2017

So, what’s an MDF Cabinet Anyways?

We take pride in our products and source our cabinets from quality cabinet manufactures that also take great pride in the cabinets they create. We are committed to high quality and taking the time to do the job right, to create your dream kitchen and home. - James River Kitchens

James River Kitchens has rapidly become Victoria's Premier Supplier of kitchen products and we are very proud to supply Canadian cabinets from Saskatoon
s very own Superior Cabinets.

Superior Cabinets offers a number of wood, paint and hand-crafted artistic finishes like MDF. Elegant and durable, their finishes are formulated for use in the cabinetry and furniture industry.

But what are MDF Cabinets?

Medium-Density Fibreboard is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. MDF material, used for painted doors in the Superior Cabinets Collection, Urban lines and Fusion Finishes. It is the perfect material for painted lacquer finishes and various artisan or hand-crafted finishes. 

MDF is also great for environments with low humidity and dramatic seasonal changes (example: Cabins or Cottages), as cracking at door joints due to seasonal changes will not occur, unlike painted wood doors which move causing cracking at door joints.

The Superior Cabinets Fusion Line of finishes satisfies customers that are looking for a decorative artistic handcrafted finish, without the high cost and environmental inflexibility of painted wood cabinets. 

Fusion Cabinets are one-piece doors made from durable, environmentally conscious materials, stained and handcrafted to be that essential focal point of your home.

This dynamic line was nominated for the 2013 SABEX Award for New Product and/or Service and was the winner of the 2013 Achievement In Business Excellence (ABEX) Award for Innovation.

The Fusions Line also recently won the 2017 Best of KBIS Peoples Choice Award for best new product. Just a few reasons why we supply this wonderful product so much.